Kutná Hora Music and Arts School

The Music and Arts School in Kutná Hora was established on the 1 October 1930. Currently there are 33 teachers and 7 other employees working at the school and the head is MgA. Kateřina Fillová.
The school provides education in four disciplines: music, arts, drama and dance. Most students choose the music branch, where most of the classical instruments are taught. There are three choirs, a big band, and accordion and string orchestras, as well as many other smaller ensembles. The students' concerts and other presentations are now, in contrast to the first years of the school's existence, an inseparable part of the cultural life of Kutná Hora. Every year, there are concerts and exhibitions by the 1st and 2nd level graduates. The school organizes many performances at various exhibition openings, important town events, concerts for seniors, benefits for the disabled, Christmas concerts, educational concerts for nursery schools, primary schools and grammar schools. The school also helps with organizing Kutná Hora's Interna­tional Music Festival. In addition, the students of the music and arts branches regularly enter the Music and Art Schools Competitions (held by the Ministry of Education every year), where they achieve excellent results. They also take part in other domestic and international competitions. The students of dance regularly take part in the regional dance festival. The school has established close musical friendships and has given joint concerts with students and teachers of music schools in Norwegian Ås and Danish Ringsted. Although the Music and Arts School does not provide a stage of education, the basics reached in the individual branches are important preparation for the students' future studies and also for their future cultural life. This is proved by students accepted by secondary arts schools and academies, prepared by our school. Many of our graduates have become professional artists, others return as teachers. Some of the current teachers are active performing artists and apart from education they also focus on their concert activities. The Kutná Hora Music and Arts School resides in a historical building which is the pride of all the employees. For the students, the historical environment and atmosphere is a source of inspiration and direct contact with the famous history of the town. The school's aim is to develop artistic feeling within the younger generation, educate towards the love and understanding of art and towards a sensitive perception of all cultural values and in this way enrich our lives.